The therapists at Seaside Wellness specialize in deep tissue, sports massage and injury rehabilitation.
We also provide structural bodywork to help with posture correction and core re-education. We
strive to accurately identify the source of your pain and then to treat it properly and effectively while
providing a relaxing and peaceful environment. All of our therapists are highly trained in multiple
modalities of massage therapy and bodywork, ensuring that we have the skills necessary to help restore
optimal performance.

We listen, our approach is to focus treatments on individual problem areas, devoting the time,
attention, and expertise needed to provide lasting relief. Of course a full-body session can be requested,
but we believe that if you’ve got pain or tension in the upper back or neck, that’s what we’d like to
spend the majority of the session working on.

At Seaside Wellness, we take the time to go over your history to create a session that meets your
specific needs. Our clients are individuals with individual needs so if our pressure isn’t ‘just right’, please
let us know. People come to us for a variety of treatments. Many come to us for our deep tissue, others
for posture and core strength help. Our therapists help create the team at Seaside Wellness and if you
choose will work closely with the other practitioners to reach your healthcare goals.



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